You've been mysteriously called to the Monkfish Dungeon. Choose your class and explore an old-school dungeon filled with treasure, traps, and monsters. 

Can be played in-browser or downloaded for Windows or Mac. Supports keyboard and gamepad.

*This is a demo. I plan to add a few more levels and features in the future, and a bit more polish. I'm an indie dev and only make games in my spare time so I don't really have a timeline for future updates. Thanks for playing!

**Cover image by spearheart0


Monkfish Dungeon (Demo) - 24 MB
Monkfish Dungeon (Demo) - 21 MB


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i got error on web build: abort(114). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info.

Edit: i played standalone and controlls are... well... not great. I dont know why you decided to ditch diagonal movement but lack of it makes game very clunky. Its not smooth. 

Anyway atmosphere is good, graphics are cool. You put ton of effort into creating this nice assets, music, ingame text and did not polished most important thing: controlls. And its breaking game :(

Thanks for the advice! I guess I was trying to emulate the feel of the 8-bit era with the movement. But I definitely don't want novelty to get in the way of enjoyment so I'll work on implementing smoother movement. Thanks for playing!


A very good start to a pixel dungeon crawler the game plays amazingly smooth and I like the mechanics so far pretty bare bones but yet again great start

my play through here:


Hey, thanks for the feedback! Yeah I wanted to try to nail down the core dungeon crawler mechanics to start. My next step is definitely to add some more polish and of course more content. 


ay np and I look foward to future releases as you polish it